The Year of Lost and Found

I just wanted to give this piece a send-up again. I re-read it sometimes…just because losing my first love, my first boyfriend when he was only 41 years old still hurts. It feels like something is missing, and something, someone is missing. We love you, Miles.

The PopCycle

Miles and Noni, May 1986

This has been a year…a year of me losing things…my mind, people and weight. There are such things in life as lost opportunities, “missed boats”…when the timing just isn’t right. I feel like I’ve spent the year re-creating my steps for one reason or another. Wondering why I took that left step instead of that right one. Wondering for example, when I lost my wedding rings at the pool in July while swimming with my baby daughter… “Why the hell did I decide to go swimming that day?” And “How come I was wearing my wedding rings?” And Why the hell did I take them off?”

The answers are simple. It was hot…there was a pool. My baby loves swimming. Of course I’d take her. I’m a swimmer. I don’t usually go to the pool with all my jewelery on, however…(usually I take it…

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