New Year, New me

2008 started strangely. I had gotten the flu over the Christmas holiday – in fact, it was so deep this flu that I ended up in the hospital. You know it’s a bad holiday vacation when the highlight is getting an IV drip. Yep, that’s how my 2007 ended. But suddenly, on December 31st, a day after my IV drip, I found myself back on an airplane and then back in New York City for New Year’s Eve. Ugh. But life was about to get MUCH better. My hubby and I had been invited to hang with a friend on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean. So a private jet and a lobster sandwich later, I was hanging on the Drumbeat with three Russian dudes and a crew of ten to cater to our every need (one of them was my husband). Suddenly, life was very relaxing. The sun was so friendly to me. I had no idea that what I needed was a little Vitamin D. Let’s see – highlights….

  • A personal chef
  • Having my girlfriend flown in from San Francisco “just because”
  • Having a dance off with Dmitry
  • Out swimming the dudes – with no fins
  • Cocktails at sunset
  • Watching Master and Commander while we were under sail
  • Listening to blasting classical music while we did a night sail
  • The jungle hike to the waterfall

And now, I find that I’m in a better mood –

3 responses to “New Year, New me

  1. i miss the drumbeat and maggie and the fig fizz!

  2. Hey there = i got the same flu – thought i was about to die!!!
    Great to see you with a blog!
    Cath X

  3. Where is your blog? I am new at this.

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