Weekly update….

I had a play reading tonight of my new play. It was so cool, because I was so relaxed (for a change) — and shocker, it was really good interesting stuff.  It’s coming along.  Now I’ll I have to do is write the second act.

I write in little (and I mean tiny) spurts.  It takes sometimes two days of procrastinating to write for 20 minutes.  But once I am invested in an idea, then, well, I can’t help but want to write because I fall in love with the characters and their dramas. I want to find out what they are doing…

Anyway, what else is new?  Uh, Hillary!  I want a miracle to happen.

I’m watching the final two episodes of the Tudors….it’s really good. I take back everything bad that I said about the casting.  It’s really fantastic.  Poor Anne.

Saw SATC on Saturday night with my girlfriends — loved it.  But who goes to bed with a string of pearls?

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