Garbage on the city; my summer getaways

I spent most of my weekends getting out of the city as much as possible. As most New Yorkers know, New York is a stinky, sweltering shit hole in the summer. Okay, it’s nice to sit outside at night when it’s still warm to get a drink…and it’s great to get indoors to air conditioning as much as possible. But the weather outside is steamy and gross — and smells like garbage. Sorry, New York, I’ve got to be honest. And I’m not so much of a Hamptons girl. If I’m going to get away, I mean, let’s get out of town.

Anyway, moving on. My getaways have been awesome so far. In early June, we spent a weekend in Northern California, which is where I’m from. My husband has taken up our family tradition of going for Abalone at our summer home at The Sea Ranch. It’s beautiful in Northern California, as anyone who has spent time there knows. For me, however, my trips are always about catching up with friends and family.

For the 4th of July we spent the weekend at my friend Gabe’s converted barn in the Catskill mountains. 30 people – both new and old friends – were in and out for some great food, conversation and frolicking. There were kittens, a pool table, ping pong, ice cream, a swimming hole, a hot tub and many rounds of Horse Shoes. I know that sounds weird, but it was all mucho fun, that was very needed.

In mid July, we were in Maine for a wedding. I’ve never eaten so much Lobster in my life. We did a little sailing, kayaking, dancing, Lobster eating….and Lobster eating.

Last weekend I met up with my husband in London, which was incredibly brief but super fun. We had an unforgettable 5 course meal at a place called “Gaston” and stayed at a super cool hotel called “The Zetter. The free espresso machine down the hall from our room was enough to make this one of my favorite hotels of all time!

I’ve been to London many, many times. In fact, how I ended up moving to New York had to do with a English beau (a Captain in the British Army no less) and a London job-offer that turned into a New York job offer….

So I’ve spent much time in the UK, and feel very at home there. In 2006, one of my favorite plays “Below 14th” was produced in a festival there. I brought my mom and we used the Tube to go everywhere….it was such fun.

This time, we saw the “Changing of the Guards” at Buckingham Palace, spent time wandering around Notting Hill, and even saw the Tower of London, which was interesting considering my interest in the Tudor era of history. On the plane ride home, I watched the film: “The Other Boylen Girl,” which helped seal the deal on the Anne Boylen story. By the way if anyone is interested to know more about Henry’s wives go to this link.

Now I’m back to New York City, and it’s not so bad. I’ve been working pretty hard this summer, so the weekend getaways were just that: short moments away to breathe. I started a new online marketing job in April and it’s been stressful. To keep up with it all, I’ve been doing pilates, yoga, dance class and swimming on a regular basis. For the past three weeks, I’ve been drinking NONI JUICE every morning. And you know, I’m feeling better. I have more energy. This is a year of lots of change. I’ve done very little with my playwriting this year so far, but I am working on a new play and that’s exciting.

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