New Mommy Time

I keep thinking about writing, but then I am so overwhelmed, I wouldn’t know how to describe it, but aren’t I a writer? Shouldn’t I try?  I’m a new mommy, so my whole world is different. On October 6th at 3:55PM I gave birth (yah, through my vagina) to Maya Starr Paperny who is the most beautiful, perfect baby.  I would talk about the labor, but why scare you.  And besides, though long — 25 hours, it really wasn’t so bad (yes, it was!) -I pushed for three hours! Anyway, let’s not talk about labor or how much pain you’re in post labor (a lot). After it was all over, I asked one of my friend’s to get me a Coke.  Yeah, I deserved a Coke didn’t I? The baby latched on and began nursing immediately, and I drank my Coke — then choked on it.

The first few weeks were a no sleep blur. My husband actually called her an “evil log” – we’d wrap her in a tight swaddle with only her head sticking out – and she’d cry for hours, so, she really did look like an evil crying log.  Then, one day I looked down and my baby had grown and so had I; she didn’t cry so much, or maybe I understood her better.   My friend Marisol who came to a doctor’s appointment with us a few weeks ago wondered how we do it.  It doesn’t seem so hard when it’s your baby. My heart hurts from love, I think.  So getting up with her, worrying about her comes much more naturally than I thought.

Now she coos, sings, dances, grabs things, smiles at me when I show up in the morning.  And she’s almost grown out of her three-month old clothes.  This precious time is flying by, as does life when you think about it.

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