Sonoma County

Oh how I love you. I love you so much that I almost named my daughter Sonoma! Yes, I did. My Russian husband totally nixed the idea, so it didn’t happen –but yes, Sonoma you are a beautiful county. Now why did I move to New York? Oh yeah, I wanted the excitement and I imagined myself running around wearing a writer’s cap and sitting in cafes — writing plays. Or maybe I imagined myself in plays or maybe I just loved the idea of New York. Carrie Bradshaw kind of took me with her on that journey. And hey, I love New York — everyone knows that. If you’re curious about my love of New York City, just read my other blog – I’m the Greenwich Village Examiner for goodness sake.

So I’m in the town of Sonoma today, sitting in the Sunflower Caffe on the square. I spent the early part of the day doing a pilates session with my good friend Susan Aslin, who is an amazing pilates teacher. Whoa — so much better than anything I’ve ever gotten in New York.  But I haven’t done pilates in nearly two years and my abs are, um — a mess. So much about having a baby that no one tells you.

Anyway, Sonoma county is full of my good friends doing great things. My family is here and it’s beautiful.It smells like grapes even when you see cows.

I didn’t see everyone in the world on this trip, but I did enough. I shared my baby Maya with my mom and dad. We took her swimming, watched her stand for the first time and taught her to suck from a straw.

She loves it here, just like her mom.

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