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Wonder Woman in a Cat Suit

Sadly, today at midnight I am going to end my “project” which has been to interview one person a day until the election.  Today when I went to vote I stood next to Patricia Keaton in line.  She is very nice and civic minded, but she really didn’t want to be interviewed for the blog.  Meanwhile, I am quite behind in my interviews and will be spending election night writing about the many cool people I met with instead of focusing on any poll numbers.  People are coming over to watch election results around seven.   My house is usually some sort of center of activity….

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Lady, Liz and Lost Stuff

Tonight I went to see “Lady” by Craig Wright at the Rattlestick.  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I will only say – see it.  I love Craig Wright’s work. He is the master of intense scenes – guns, dogs, fucking – seriously, he’s got it down.

Rattlestick is a great theater because they take risks on dark perverse plays — plays that are wild, weird, insane, overly sexual, too smart – or just plain too wacky for the more practical Off-Broadway theaters in NYC to produce.  In short, they aren’t always commercial, and that’s great.  NYC needs more theaters to push the envelope like this. Other Off-Broadway NYC theaters to be commended for their risky choices are: The Edge, New Georges, Second Stage, Wet and The Women’s Project.   I’m sure there are others, but those are the theaters that I’ve gone to in recent years where I’ve seen some boundary-breaking work.

I had an extra ticket for the show tonight, so I went through my list of people who I usually go to shows with.  My friend and fellow playwright Lisa was coming and I was thrilled.  I decided that she would be my interview of the day.  I was already imagining what I was going to say and planning my questions.  See I shouldn’t get lazy.

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