Why is the press out to get Hillary?

Stop all the bad press on Hillary!  The woman is smart, intelligent and amazingly courageous — stop attacking her — and stop writing articles with no base whatsoever.  I hope everyone and their mother watched Saturday Night Live last week, where Tina Fey, got in some good slugs that were pro Hillary.

2 responses to “Why is the press out to get Hillary?

  1. What? How is she courageous?

    … and the media hate is well deserved if you followed the clinton’s dirty politics back in the 90’s. The scandals with china, campaign finance improprieties, and least we forget Bill’s active libido.

    They destroyed everyone and anyone who challenged their power or acted in a way that wasn’t beneficial to them was personally destroyed. Just ask Ginnefer Flowers.


  2. How is Hillary Courageous? Well, for starters, she’s running for president and she’s a woman. And shocking as this sounds, part of what so many have against her is that she is tough and she’s a woman…and god forbid, she’s made some mistakes in her life.

    Another reason she’s courageous – her husband cheated on her repeatedly…and EVERYONE knows — do you think that was part of her plan??

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