Theater, Theater and Gossip Girl

I saw a great new play last night.  It was just a reading, but it’s going to be fabulous.  Liz Merriwether’s  new play which I saw at the Rattlestick, is way wacky — so wacky that it’s brilliant. It breaks the 4th wall so much,  there are hardly are any walls at all, and the audience is right there – with full access.  Let’s just put it this way – the play makes fun of a famous philandering playwright and his wife to devastating effect. There is even a Beaver as a character who rants about how much he hates the play….hmmmm, at some point, I felt chills — and the play actually felt universal.  So congrats, Liz!My friend jumped off the phone to watch Gossip Girl, so I decided to take a look (my first time).  So here I am watching. I must say, are the parents on this show (who are the parents 17-20 year-olds) even older than 30?  It’s crap, btw. Gag!How can one person take so much in one week?  Mon dieu.  That part is about me.

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