A Ghost In Fancy Clothes, Voting and Rafta, Rafta…

Have you noticed lately that when you start talking about politics — your politics — that people start tuning in and listening to what you have to say? A few weeks ago, I was at a restaurant with my husband and overheard a group of young people talking about how much they hated Hillary. I got so irritated, that I started speaking in Russian to my husband just to avoid their chatter. When I start speaking in Russian I must be desperate to have a private conversation with my husband, because my Russian is not so good. It’s on a the level of a five-year-old who has the mind of a much older person, who just can’t get the words out.

I’ve been quiet lately about the Hillary thing, because I had trouble supporting her when all these semi-lies started to pop up. But I still like her as a candidate. I dunno….

Go ahead and call me “Business Girl” –and she’s going through her own set of politics. Do you ever realize at some point, you are re-doing things you’ve already done, but perhaps with less enthusiasm? I already had a career in business and left it — once, twice, three times — and at every point that I left the cube and the florescent lights and the office politics, I swore never do THAT again. At some point I became a playwright, went to grad school, got produced, published, made movies (as an actress), was an agent too — and felt alive. And then realized even at its best, playwriting alone is a hobby and not a job (though I did get my first writing paycheck last year). But I don’t like to be poor. I’ve tried it several times — and it sucks.

So what’s a girl to do? So I’ll never be “just business” again. I’m now playwriting/theater girl and whatever else I need to do for $$ will always be just that…but is it? From experience I know that corporate jobs take up more time than you think. They are never “just jobs.” Your soul in exchange for a paycheck. Thank you. You’re welcome. But that’s not how everyone sees it.

That business girl — who had a dream job for one of the hottest websites in its heyday, who was so, so vibrant and passionate and who loved being edgy. Well, she already lived and died and now she’s just a ghost…a ghost who can buy herself fancy clothes.

My next subject:(I made you read a lot to get here didn’t I?) Rafta Rafta. I saw the preview of a new play by Ayub Khan-Din which is based on the play All in Good Time by Bill Naughton. It’s being presented by the New Group and it’s running until late May. You should check this out. It’s hilarious and full of plucky, well-drawn, if not too over-the-top characters. The set and lighting is a blast – literally. It kind of blasts you out of slumber if that’s where you were heading. You’ll find yourself rooting and caring for the characters’ plights. Also, there’s some sex involved and THAT’s always fun, especially since the chemistry between the characters is excellent. The ending was a little pat for my taste, but the ride was a good one. I laughed a lot….and I realized I needed a laugh.

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