Plays I saw this week

This was a busy week for me.  Not only was it my birthday, but I saw two plays, one Broadway, one off and a concert.  I think I even went dancing too.  On Wednesday, my husband took me to see the highly anticipated August Osage County by Tracy Letts (he’s a man).  It was good, I enjoyed it. There were one too many revelations for my taste — but if you are going to rip off O’Neill, it needs to be good, and this is worth most of its hype (but it’s just a rip off of Long Days Journey if you ask me).  On Friday I took six girlfriends to the Womens Project’s production of “Crooked” – now this was interesting. We did the “Girls Night Out” special, which for $30 we get a ticket to the play, a free glass of wine at the theater, free entry into a club (this is where I did some dancing) and a goodie bag filled with all kinds of fun stuff.  I thought the play was very interesting.  The play digs into teenage angst, and at times was scary, which is good.  But it didn’t build as much as I thought it could have and the ending (to me) was a let down, almost forgettable.   Still, there’s one more week of this and I would recommended checking it out (especially on Friday when you can take friends and get the goodie bag).

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