Grand Theft Auto – finally talking Russian, Niko’s hot.

Grand — the character of Niko.  Last night my Russian husband Dmitry killed “Dmitry” as the character of Niko.  Again I went to bed with the sounds of guns blasting off.  He told me they killed his girlfriend in the game, so he decided to kill the bad guys.  Niko is kind of hot.

I’ve spent the last few weeks with a crazy roommate, not a husband.  I’ve even started watching TV from our never used TV in the bedroom.  And ya know – it hasn’t been so bad.

Some of the music in Grand Theft Auto is amazing, particularly “Schweine” And the Russian is bad ass.

I’ve been working at my new job, which is much cooler than my old job.  I am enjoying it.  I’d forgotten the possibility of enjoying your job.  Now I’m not feeling sick all the time.  Got drunk with a girlfriend last night, came home to my real life Dmitry in the last moments of the game.  Don’t remember much after that.  I want to move to Liberty City…oh, I already live there.

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