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Is Time on our Side?

This whole week felt like a struggle with time.  But really Isn’t every single moment in life about struggling with time, unless we stop time?
On Wednesday after many failed attempts to write or get anything done, I went to Grounded only to find that there weren’t any tables available to write. I found a tiny space on a bench and shared it with a lady who looked like a writer.  I hadn’t interviewed anyone that day and it was nearing 5PM.
I explained what I was doing, and she thought it sounded like a great idea, so we agreed to chat before we both left the cafe.

AnneLise Sorensen "The Product"

AnneLise Sorensen

Who: Annellise Sorensen
Where: Grounded, NYC
Occupation: Freelance Travel Writer
Annelise is a fun person with a great smile and a thick mane of hair.  I am good at telling signs, so I immediately guessed that she was a Leo.  There are a few signs I’m very good at guessing: Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, sometimes Scorpio.
Leos like to talk, have big heads with lots of hair.  My best friend is a Leo, and so was my best friend at work for a year.  So I know Leos.
They also have big laughs, like a lion.  Leo, get it.
Annelise and I had a lot to talk about –we have a lot in common, besides the Leo-Bull connection. Continue reading